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Bella Swan is a necrophiliac.

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This journal is partially friends only. Some entries (personal ones and ones made before August 28, 2009) are locked. Others aren't. The ratio is about 50-50, but in any case, if you're not part of the Jax Likes You Club, chances are, you don't get to see the juicy bits. (I don't use filters, so.)

If you want in, just friend me and make sure there's something on your journal that tells me who you are. If I know you, I'll friend you back. If not, sorry. And you're probably not going to get cut unless you decide to defriend me, you don't update your journal in forever, you've switched journals (meaning I'll ditch the old one because I think you won't update it anymore anyway), or we never talk.

All that in mind, who am I?Collapse )

Also, if you've spotted a Jax or a JX Valentine, chances are, it's me. I currently own the following accounts on the following sites:

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Um, wow.
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I'm not sure how many of you are still keeping an eye out for announcements, but as per the suggestion of my dear friend mabaliciousness (who is totally not the only reason why I'm doing this), I got a syndicated feed for the Wordpress blog. You can now, if you so choose, follow my post-graduation shenanigans at insertego. As a note, this does not have a list of entries for the past month. It's just more for those of you who want to keep following my shenanigans via your own LJ will probably flood your friends page with the last ten posts currently on the feed. Sorry?

Also, I'm not sure if this is permanent, but hey.

Once again! That website!


Add it to your friends list if you'd like~!

And with that, yes, last post you'll see from me on LJ, kids. Remember, you can comment to the feed or to WP. I prefer WP, but keep in mind that your comment won't automatically appear 'cause I've got moderation on to ward off spam.

Catch you on the flipside officially?

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I've thought about all kinds of graduation themed songs to post for this entry. That one by Vitamin C that came out in, like, 2000, for example. And, of course, one of my all-time favorite songs.

But then I realized that doing so wouldn't be the Jax you know. The silly, irreverent Jax who doesn't like to emo that much. Why would I post a serious song about moving on in life and trying to find one's place in it when I could just post an intensely ridiculous song that no one can seem to take seriously?

So, you get Journey instead.

I can't listen to this song without remembering the lulz over The Sopranos a couple years ago. Either that or Family Guy. What does this say about me?

I've graduated. It was a beautiful ceremony. I'd say more, but that's not the main point of this entry. The main point, however, is that I finally got that new blog.


Incidentally, yes, you can comment on it without a Wordpress account. You'll be screened at first as a warning (which means your comment might not show up right away), but yes, you can comment anonly. Also, you can subscribe to the blog via RSS feed, namely, live bookmarks or whatever you prefer. I looked into setting up a syndicated account for it, but I'd need to have a paid account to do it. Irony a bit?

Either way, yes, I'll be posting over there instead of here from now on, assuming I can keep up with it. However, I'll check LJ every few days to see what you're all up to and to comment whenever. (Will be withdrawing from a lot of comms soon. Probably not all of them, but a good chunk for obvious reasons.)

And that's what's up from here on out. Just letting you know. I have no idea what insightful comments you kids have been reading on my journal, but I'm flattered. I'd end this journal with something amazing and profound, but honestly, I've rambled enough as it is. So, to those of you who won't be following the Wordpress account, live long and prosper and all that good stuff.

I hate this fandom.
Taiga - Palmtop Fucking Tiger
Because I apparently need diagrams to explain exactly what I'm thinking, I'm going to explaining things in list format. If I do have to resort to pictures, I'm going to hate you all.

First and foremost, establishing the background.Collapse )

That out of the way, let's move on to the real part of the wank.

Response.Collapse )

And finally, for one last rant...

Fuck you, LJ.Collapse )

On that note, I'm going to be spending the rest of the afternoon applying for jobs because, evidently, I don't have enough experience for the handful I was hoping for. Because the real world wants you to magically have paid experience before you can apply for anything at all.

Oh, also, did I mention I'm in SSFFS library while doing this? Because the construction happening in the science quad is most likely the reason why Green Street doesn't have power or the internet right now.

P.S. I woke up with a slight hangover, too.

Settling Down
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First off, there were two memes in the last entry, so if you missed it, basically, you ask me questions, and I answer them in a voice post. You can still do it if you'd like (by either asking here or in the other post), but in the meantime, Bay's got a good eye.

So, she asks:

1. What got you into Pokémon fanfiction in the first place?
2. Canon or original characters: which do you prefer?

My answers are in this file: http://rapidshare.com/files/385828255/answers1.ogg.html

The second answer gets a bit rambly. Sorry about that.

That said, this is me right now:

That's right. I'm done, bitches. I turned in my last project, and I don't care anymore. That means I move on to the next items on my list:

1. Apply for jobs.
2. Work on Keeper.
3. Reffings.
4. Reviews.
5. Next chapter of AEM.
6. Next chapter of Momentum.
7. Reviewing guide.
8. Clean room + pack.

Not necessarily in that order, but I'm finally free to do this shit. Woot woot?
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I just need to finish off this last paragraph and put together the works cited page. I'll print it off, and I'm done with school FORFUCKINGEVER. I am never doing this again. I swear to God.

Anyway, I really shouldn't be tempted to watch Cutie Honey vids on YouTube, but, uh, I am. Because... Cutie Honey. Let's face it. There's no need for an explanation.

Speaking of eyecandy, all I have to say is Iron Man 2. Also no explanation needed.

...Okay, maybe one.

I really want that battle suit. And maybe Tony's car. And maybe one of the chicks in the Iron Man bikinis at the beginning of the movie.

Actually, can I just be Tony Stark? Only with less alcoholism, daddy issues, and dying for most of the movie? ...Which I guess means I don't want to be Tony Stark, but hey.

Anyway, stole these memes off of Scott and Bay.

Meme The First
Ask a question for me to answer in a voice post!
I'm not allowed to read them until I'm recording the post itself.

Just letting you know, I'm going to be real cheap and just abuse the voice recorder because I have no ability to make LJ voice posts. I really don't know why I still have a basic account anymore, considering it's basically exactly like a plus account nowadays, only with fewer icons, but anyway, yeah, the clip will be available for download and whatnot.

Meme The Second
Comment with any character you know I've written and receive three bits of trivia about their sexuality: practices, preferences, experiences, fantasies, kinks, etc.

I know one of you is going to say Bill, but as a reminder, I've written about a lot of other characters. I swear.

A story:
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I'm not a Christian by any means (I grew up Jewish and became a Deist, and my Catholic mother is very private about her religion), but I've always liked some of the stories the Christians had to tell each other. There's a lot that can be said about Jesus. I don't believe he was a messiah or anything, but I personally think he and his disciples had a lot of cool things to say.

This is one of them. Probably one of my favorite parables, too. Evidently, looking it up, I either got a different version told to me or got some details wrong, but the point's the same. Some of you might even recognize it right off the bat.

Basically, once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was this master who had three servants. Now, the master was going away for awhile, so he decided to entrust his three servants with a few talents (huge discs of gold). When he came back, he got together all his servants and asked them about the talents.

The first servant said, "Master, I invested your talents, and I made double the amount you gave me."

So, the master said to this servant, "You did well. I'll reward you." And he promised the first servant a bunch of perks. Probably land or something. I can't really remember and don't want to lace someone else's version with this one in my head.

Anyway, the second servant said, "Master, I'm sorry. I tried to use your talents to start a business, but the business didn't do so well. I spent all the talents you gave me but only earned the same amount back."

But the master said, "That's no reason for you to apologize. You did well and learned your lesson. I'll reward you for your efforts." And the servant got to keep his talents, plus a little more.

The third servant, however, wanted to impress his master with how loyal he was, so he buried the talents his master gave him. When the master came along, the servant said, "Master, here are the same talents you gave me. I kept them safe for you."

But then, the master said, "You are lazy and ignorant. For squandering your talents, I'll punish you." And he took the talents away and gave them to the first servant.

The moral of the story is, from what I understand, that we're all given the gift of life. We can either take a chance and learn from experience, or we can spend all our lives doing nothing with ourselves. While it's possible to be perfectly happy doing the latter, you don't really learn how to live by doing that. Personally, I don't care one way or another what you do with yourselves. I'm just saying it's not evil to take a risk now and then, and you shouldn't try to tell other people it is. There are, of course, limitations here. I'm not saying everyone's above the actual state law. I'm just saying it's okay if someone wants to cut loose once in awhile and do something that would make their grandparents frown.

Long story short, God, if you believe in this kind of thing, gives us life and lets us go and do whatever we should with it. It's our freedom to find fulfilment in figuring out how to use it to its full extent, you know?

And headed out for the night to do exactly this for once.

But is it chicken or fish?
Miguel - derpderpderp
Paraphrased version of the best conversation I've had all week (courtesy of the dinner table):

Dinner tonight: sandwiches made with fried boneless chicken breasts.
Faith: This chicken reminds me of ice cream cones, and I don't know why.
Me: That's very cute, the way you say that. Also, really? It reminds me of fish.
Amy, who had just come back to the table: What?
Me: The chicken. It reminds me of fish.
Amy: Fish?
Me: Well, Faith says the chicken reminds her of ice cream cones, but I said it reminds me of fish.
Amy: Really? The chicken just reminds me of... chicken.
Mel: What?
Amy: The chicken reminds me of chicken. But it reminds Jax of fish and Faith of ice cream cones.
Mel: Oh. Yeah, the chicken reminds me of chicken, too.

Two pages done out of eight! Getting there!

Pouring over drama
Taiga - Palmtop Fucking Tiger
I know I really shouldn't rant about drama again when I've wandered away from a thread that -- once again -- basically was the last straw in a series of events that make me hate humanity. (Remember that entire Bill fangirl thing? That didn't begin with her, although that was basically part of what led up to that post. It actually started with this thread... namely the first comment to it. Yes. Because no one else in the fandom has ever liked this character. And now you know why I was pissed off that day. But I digress.)

Either way, yes, I'm going to say just one thing. Just one fucking little tiny thing, and it's a perfectly legitimate request.

Internet. Fandom. For just one week, do you mind actually being decent people to each other? You know, doing things like:

1. Talking to each other if you have a problem with something.
2. Not being elitist ass holes.
3. Not being fucking retarded whenever someone tries to help you.
4. Not being whiny emo kids for the sake of validating yourself by trying to get a bunch of your groupies to support you unquestioningly.
5. Having the balls to keep communication open until you get things settled instead of going, "lol, I block you so I can win the argument! :D"

Things like that? Because if you could, that'd be really, really nice.

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Changed my LJ's theme and subtitle. It is epic, although I'm going back and forth between this and a yellow-on-black theme. Because I totally want you guys to be able to read my journal.

Subtitle is thanks to Gui. Apparently, typing "Bella Swan is" into Google leads to hilarious suggestions.


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