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Bella Swan is a necrophiliac.

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Rin - default
Changed my LJ's theme and subtitle. It is epic, although I'm going back and forth between this and a yellow-on-black theme. Because I totally want you guys to be able to read my journal.

Subtitle is thanks to Gui. Apparently, typing "Bella Swan is" into Google leads to hilarious suggestions.

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Dude, I totally changed mine to "Edward Cullen is so beautiful I cream myself every day". :D

Although the "Land of Twilight" title is a reference from .hack//liminality. I never watched the series but I have the OST (Yuki Kajiura is <3) and a few songs keep referring to this "Land of Twilight" (the OST songs in .hack//sign do too) which I thought funny.

It seems a lot of people are changing their LJ themes, I noticed. XD

Also, haha Twlight stuff through google FTW! XD

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