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Settling Down
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First off, there were two memes in the last entry, so if you missed it, basically, you ask me questions, and I answer them in a voice post. You can still do it if you'd like (by either asking here or in the other post), but in the meantime, Bay's got a good eye.

So, she asks:

1. What got you into Pokémon fanfiction in the first place?
2. Canon or original characters: which do you prefer?

My answers are in this file: http://rapidshare.com/files/385828255/answers1.ogg.html

The second answer gets a bit rambly. Sorry about that.

That said, this is me right now:

That's right. I'm done, bitches. I turned in my last project, and I don't care anymore. That means I move on to the next items on my list:

1. Apply for jobs.
2. Work on Keeper.
3. Reffings.
4. Reviews.
5. Next chapter of AEM.
6. Next chapter of Momentum.
7. Reviewing guide.
8. Clean room + pack.

Not necessarily in that order, but I'm finally free to do this shit. Woot woot?
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Also, working on character applications should be added to this list *sagenod*

Haha, that vid bobandbill showed me. XD Quite an interesting dance there, heh.

Congrats on finishing school! :3 I still have like four weeks left of it. Dang quarter system! :<

Heh, sounded a lot like a couple of my friends, but it's a good thing. XD Interesting answers to my questions, though. :)

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