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Pouring over drama
Taiga - Palmtop Fucking Tiger
I know I really shouldn't rant about drama again when I've wandered away from a thread that -- once again -- basically was the last straw in a series of events that make me hate humanity. (Remember that entire Bill fangirl thing? That didn't begin with her, although that was basically part of what led up to that post. It actually started with this thread... namely the first comment to it. Yes. Because no one else in the fandom has ever liked this character. And now you know why I was pissed off that day. But I digress.)

Either way, yes, I'm going to say just one thing. Just one fucking little tiny thing, and it's a perfectly legitimate request.

Internet. Fandom. For just one week, do you mind actually being decent people to each other? You know, doing things like:

1. Talking to each other if you have a problem with something.
2. Not being elitist ass holes.
3. Not being fucking retarded whenever someone tries to help you.
4. Not being whiny emo kids for the sake of validating yourself by trying to get a bunch of your groupies to support you unquestioningly.
5. Having the balls to keep communication open until you get things settled instead of going, "lol, I block you so I can win the argument! :D"

Things like that? Because if you could, that'd be really, really nice.

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Obviously the people posting to that particular anon thread haven't been around the internet much. o_O

I know it's hard, but I try not to let other people ruin fandoms for me. Pokemon is the one I've participated most in since I've abandoned all others, but even still as you know I pretty much hang on the very outer edge, and simply enjoy it with my close friends.

There are other fandoms I am interested in now (lol, WoW?), but because of my aversion to how fandom usually acts on the internet, I keep my distance still and enjoy it in my own little corner. =|

People on the internet will never change, methinks - even if the jerks leave the fandom/get more mature, there will always be others to fill their places, but I think you've just got to try and learn to ignore them. I know it's hard, but try not to let other people ruin your fun and what a you like.

Just keep on doing what you are doing (except maybe try to avoid the parts of it that piss you off, since they're really not worth it), because I know you have a lot (in the writing department, at least), to offer to the fandom, whether the majority can appreciate it or not.

And if you get fed up with the parts that suck? My corner certainly has enough for the few people that don't suck in it.

zThis callsz for an appropriate lolpicz.

Oh dear God, those are beautiful.

It's a shame the internet doesn't work like that. It'd be a much more organized and humane place. As it stands you'd be happy to achieve one of those five, let alone all of them.

By the way, I'm sorry me linking you to Breezy's post ended up with so much wank between you and Act. (Granted, I never thought you two, of all people, would be so at odds.) I know it's not really my fault, but I feel bad about it regardless.

Talking about that drama, did you remove those posts, or am I on a filter now? *grin* I can't see them any more.

It's okay. You don't really have to apologize for it because none of that was your fault.

As for the posts, I just got rid of them. They were more personal notes, anyway.

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