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Bella Swan is a necrophiliac.

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Miguel - derpderpderp
I just need to finish off this last paragraph and put together the works cited page. I'll print it off, and I'm done with school FORFUCKINGEVER. I am never doing this again. I swear to God.

Anyway, I really shouldn't be tempted to watch Cutie Honey vids on YouTube, but, uh, I am. Because... Cutie Honey. Let's face it. There's no need for an explanation.

Speaking of eyecandy, all I have to say is Iron Man 2. Also no explanation needed.

...Okay, maybe one.

I really want that battle suit. And maybe Tony's car. And maybe one of the chicks in the Iron Man bikinis at the beginning of the movie.

Actually, can I just be Tony Stark? Only with less alcoholism, daddy issues, and dying for most of the movie? ...Which I guess means I don't want to be Tony Stark, but hey.

Anyway, stole these memes off of Scott and Bay.

Meme The First
Ask a question for me to answer in a voice post!
I'm not allowed to read them until I'm recording the post itself.

Just letting you know, I'm going to be real cheap and just abuse the voice recorder because I have no ability to make LJ voice posts. I really don't know why I still have a basic account anymore, considering it's basically exactly like a plus account nowadays, only with fewer icons, but anyway, yeah, the clip will be available for download and whatnot.

Meme The Second
Comment with any character you know I've written and receive three bits of trivia about their sexuality: practices, preferences, experiences, fantasies, kinks, etc.

I know one of you is going to say Bill, but as a reminder, I've written about a lot of other characters. I swear.

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Dude, I want an IronMan bikini like crazy mad.

And you would totally rock it. ♥

Do RP characters count? :O

I vote for Artemis and Bill. Really, you had to know I'd ask about Bill.

Of course. XD

1. He's straight. As in, never so much kissed a man in his life, and he has no intention on actually starting anytime soon.
2. Although he's not necessarily a bottom, he's turned on by dominant women. Julian can be like a steampunk version of a dominatrix, and Artemis would get off as soon as she told him to lick her boots.
3. His last time having sex (before Julian) was with one of the debutantes in Rouge Region. As in, yes, he went without sex for the ~5 years he's been in Tin City before he hooked up with Julian.

1. Technically, Bill is asexual. He doesn't get any pleasure from the actual act; he only does it out of curiosity (or because he's trying to please a friend). The closest exceptions have been Lenore and Lanette.
2. He experimented a lot in grad school (when he was around fourteen or fifteen). His first time was with one of his own professors there (and, no, this never came out because there's probably over 9000 different reasons why this would be a massive scandal), and he proceeded to be "taught" by Lanette.
3. Despite the fact that he's technically asexual, he has kinks. Mindgames are his biggest kink. He enjoys bondage, too. Especially collars. (Incidentally, he and Lanette may or may not currently have an on-off Master/slave relationship going on. He's not the Master.)


Also, I don't know most of the characters you've written, because Pokemon, but I know you know things about fandoms, so: PEPPER POTTS. GO.

*high fives!* We need to hang out this week, bee tee dubs.

As for Pepper, oh man. The one character I don't think of that often in a sexual light. XD This is all movie-verse, by the way, because I'm lame and need to read more of the comic already.

1. She prefers the bottom, but when it involves Tony, she's definitely, definitely a top. (This is partially because I like to think of Tony as a bottom, just because you know he probably is.)
2. The number of times she's had sex with Tony: 1. She didn't think it was that great only did it once because it made their professional relationship very, very awkward. And he wouldn't shut up about it for, like, a week.
3. Her sexual escapades are otherwise pretty vanilla. She prefers the missionary, she doesn't have that many kinks, and she's straight as an arrow.

YES. I am relatively free! When are you around? I know Talia was thinking of doing the Tunnel Bar at some point, idk if you would be up for joining or something?


I would be totally up for joining! If not, anytime tonight, I'm completely free~!


Aaaaah, it turns out I need to be around-ish tonight to edit a lasts homework assignment of my sister's. I think Tunnel Bar things may be happening tomorrow night, though? Gah, I have too many THINGS.

Sure. Tomorrow works awesomely. Keep me informed?


I reckon that means I'm asking about Sheriff Jenny. =D

1. She's a top except when Lizzie is involved. And then it's anything goes, I guess.
2. On a similar note, she's normally pretty vanilla. As in, the fingers go into the hole, and that's it. However, she likes it when Lizzie dominates her (not that she'd admit this).
3. Although she knew she liked girls before she came to Tin City, her first time with a woman was with Lizzie. (Yes, she did guys before this.)

1. She's a lesbian. (AND IS ANYONE SURPRISED?)
2. Since she hit her thirties, she hasn't been particularly sexually active with other people. (As in, she still has vibrators, but that's about it.) There's been rumors involving her and the Jynx she's studied, but she just hasn't felt it for years.
3. However, when she was active, she liked roleplaying. Her favorite scenario? Playing doctor.

Hm, since no one is asking about the first meme, I will :3 I was wondering what got you into writing Pokemon fanfiction in the first place? Also, what's more fun for you: writing canon characters or original characters for Pokemon?

Now it's your turn to ask me a question. :P *gets shot*

For the second meme, hm. How about Viola from Midsummer Knights? :P

*answers and gives you a question* I knew I forgot something. XD

As for Viola:

1. She's bi. She tends to lean more towards men (and happens to have a crush on Sebastian), but she'd be into women, too.
2. She was also, at the time of the fic, a virgin. On top of that, she had very little knowledge about any sort of kinks or whatnot. This, of course, frustrates the crap out of Sebastian.
3. Because she's a sheltered virgin, it's really hard to say what tickles her fancy or whatnot, but I can say that she's at least kissed Sebastian once. And this would be the extent of her sexual activity.

I kinda want to be in the suit with Tony. :X

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