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I've thought about all kinds of graduation themed songs to post for this entry. That one by Vitamin C that came out in, like, 2000, for example. And, of course, one of my all-time favorite songs.

But then I realized that doing so wouldn't be the Jax you know. The silly, irreverent Jax who doesn't like to emo that much. Why would I post a serious song about moving on in life and trying to find one's place in it when I could just post an intensely ridiculous song that no one can seem to take seriously?

So, you get Journey instead.

I can't listen to this song without remembering the lulz over The Sopranos a couple years ago. Either that or Family Guy. What does this say about me?

I've graduated. It was a beautiful ceremony. I'd say more, but that's not the main point of this entry. The main point, however, is that I finally got that new blog.


Incidentally, yes, you can comment on it without a Wordpress account. You'll be screened at first as a warning (which means your comment might not show up right away), but yes, you can comment anonly. Also, you can subscribe to the blog via RSS feed, namely, live bookmarks or whatever you prefer. I looked into setting up a syndicated account for it, but I'd need to have a paid account to do it. Irony a bit?

Either way, yes, I'll be posting over there instead of here from now on, assuming I can keep up with it. However, I'll check LJ every few days to see what you're all up to and to comment whenever. (Will be withdrawing from a lot of comms soon. Probably not all of them, but a good chunk for obvious reasons.)

And that's what's up from here on out. Just letting you know. I have no idea what insightful comments you kids have been reading on my journal, but I'm flattered. I'd end this journal with something amazing and profound, but honestly, I've rambled enough as it is. So, to those of you who won't be following the Wordpress account, live long and prosper and all that good stuff.

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...........I know what does though. ;D

Oh, I know you do. ;D

Aww, I'll still come back to LJ and read your posts, darling. ♥

Also, why haven't you answered my texts? I didn't get to say a proper farewell to you. ;_;

Haha, I actually remember the sunscreen song. :D

Well, just to let you know, I got myself a wordpress account: http://bayalexison.wordpress.com/ ^^ I'm pretty sure your blogs over there will be awesome too. :) Also, congrats on graduating! I still have like three weeks left till my graduation. D:

Best song! ♥ Congrats on graduating. :)

I'm sad you won't be around here anymore, but I'll keep you friended in case you decide to come back. ♥

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